Glass by Butler


Oils came first, then I found glass...

Hi! I'm Jen, currently based in Rome (Italy), but born in South London.

Along with a degree from UCL in Archaeology, I am also a qualified teacher (St Andrews, Glasgow). Now I am combining my love of history, art and education. I have always been interested in fractals and natural geometry, and aim to create works that will reflect that.

Whist living in Cambridgeshire I was inspired by the glasswork I found at Ely Cathedral; which dated to Medieval times. I was moved to be looking at artwork that not only survived, but still had such powerful effect. I moved to Rome with my family, and am now able to further develop my skills and knowledge of art history.

Using the copper foil technique to create stained glass pieces is very satisfyingly creative. Seeing as though I work with many TINY pieces, it is perfect for my style. Please click here for a look through the process! 

Since then I've been well and truly hooked. Most recently I had the fantastic opportunity to take part in The London Artisan a curated marketplace of 50 designers and makers which is a collaborative project between The Old Truman Brewery and Designers/Makers. I shall be taking part in their Summer addition in July and also the September edition which is part of the London Design Fair. Very exciting!

I currently work in my studio at home and have started shipping my work worldwide!

Please visit my Facebook, Instagram or Twitter pages for updates and current projects. Get in touch via the Contact Page or: glassbybutler@gmail.com