Oil Painting

Glass by Butler

Oil Painting

I have always been interested in fractals and geometry found in nature, and my artistic career began exploring this fine detail.

Here are a few examples:


I was fascinated by the structure of the wings of the dragonfly and wanted to focus on that in this piece. Being able to see the detail in such complex creatures captures me.

Stalk Eyed Fly.

These insects are about half of one centimetre. The greater their eye span, more sexually attractive they are to females. Go figure. Again, the absolutely minuscule detail was beautiful to me. 


Shown in fine detail at the front, fading into the background. Each petal on a flower is crisp and perfect. The trick is painting them quickly before they wilt. 

My interest in the medium of glass feeds from this obsession with clarity and detail. Everything to do with glass is so precise. From cuts to the puzzle like compilation of pieces, lines are clear and defined.

I will always paint. 

If you are interested in commissioning me, please get in touch via the Contact Page or glassbybutler@gmail.com