Glass by Butler

Abstract Geometric Rose - Various Colours


Image of Abstract Geometric Rose - Various Colours Image of Abstract Geometric Rose - Various Colours

Originally designed for a beautiful bride to celebrate her wedding, this design and its playful colour is happily a popular Glass By Butler piece. It comes in MANY beautiful complimentary colours. Looking for an interesting piece with a hint of optical illusion? Then look no further! This piece can be adapted to your own personal style, highlighting your pre-existing interior design.

If you would like to see the just how much this design can be played with, just take a look at my Instagram account @glassbybutler for inspiration.

Simply state your preferred colour scheme when placing your order.

If you would like to discuss the piece or colour scheme before ordering, please get in touch with any questions:

23cm x 17cm
Copper foil technique
Hung with 16 gauge black chain/ Waxed cotton cord

Please bear in mind that the colours of the actual glass may vary from what you see on your monitor. This is due to the process in which each glass sheet is made, which in turn effects its texture and overall texture. Therefore, it will change in different lighting and conditions. (That’s the beauty of it!)

Care tips:
* To ensure your stained glass piece stays looking "hot", a spray with beeswax furniture polish will do nicely once in a while.
* If using the suction pads to attach to a window; for the first day or so, ensure a pillow (or something for a soft landing) is kept underneath until you're sure the sun-catcher is secure.
* For greater piece of mind, a more secure and permanent fixing will reduce the chance of breakage.

Shipping costs will be altered if need be once delivery address is confirmed.